LeVue Photography is a NY based photography group servicing primarily the NYC area. Owned by Photographer Gabriel Johnson, LeVue has been taking photographs of families, businesses and individuals alike for 5 years. We have covered numerous events, weddings, baby showers and more. Gabriel Johnson specializes in portraits primarily, creating beautiful art photographs that will last a lifetime!

Feel free to visit our gallery to see a taste of the photos we've taken, get information on our LeVue Magazine, and contact me for any questions. Hopefully see you soon!

Photographer Gabriel Johnson

Owner/Founder of LeVue Photography

Photographer Gabriel Johnson has been in the field for 5 years.  He started photography as a hobby while his friends needed someone to record their music.  Starting with Smartphone cameras and eventually upgrading to his DSLR, Gabriel's knowledge of composition and detail has grown exponentially.

Gabriel graduated from Science Skills High School with an Advanced Regents HSD and went to college at ASA Institute in Brooklyn, NY.  There, he learned the ins and outs of Photoshop.  Its been 7 years and Photoshop is still one of the many tools he uses today.  Later on, he transitioned over to photography. Starting out covering small family and community events, then later on getting into portraiture and still-life.  Gabriel developed a fondness for capturing moments while they were still happening, and telling stories through photos.


Gabriel has used art as an outlet his whole life. He also participates in drawing, painting, creating music and videography. He believes art is what keeps him sane and always wants it apart of his life.  Recently graduating from PhotoManhattan, he is looking to expand his brand throughout NY, then the US, then the world, with LeVue.

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