Pakistani Wedding I'll Never Forget

Here I am on Sunday night, dumping images from my last night wedding not far from Hempstead, NY.    Looking back on the images and reliving the rush from approximately 930pm -1130pm.  This beautiful wedding took place and everyone was incredibly excited!  I don't think I've ever been to a wedding of any culture (African, Traditional American, other Indian, Jewish to name some) where it was so much excitement to take a photo with the bride and groom.


After the last signing, it became a great madness! Not a bad madness, like a riot or anything, but like a madness of excitement, and joy. Reminded me  back when I used go to church and someone would get baptized, everyone was overjoyed.  I tried my best to capture as much as I could and I found it so amusing to watch the bride and groom literally did not move as we did step and repeat style photos with every family member.   


We went upstairs and at last, we took a breath! While we were beginning to do the couple shots, I finally was able to see their personalities in full.  They are so fun and the friends are as well.  So many jokes and comments that were hilarious.  It  I could tell these two will be together forever.  And I wish them nothing but the best.  Congrats to beautiful couple Hamid and Hina! 


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Hamid and Hina

Hamid and Hina

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