'The Goddesses' get featured in Calligaris NY Photo Exhibition

What a great feeling this was! Just 2.5 years after making LeVue a thing, I get chosen to be amongst 10 photographers in NY .  I felt so honored.  And the 2 photos that were chosen, I love.  My subjects for the photos were super psyched.  We all were just there like kids in a candy store.


Thanks to Calligaris NY, Macallan, and Aura Frames for throwing us such a wonderful event.  The 9 other photographers were great too.  The work ranged from brightly colored street portraits to black and white landscapes to nude bedroom pieces.  900 RSVPs? Unbelievable.


I have been recently focusing my attention to Fine Art Photography and I've been receiving a lot of great feedback.  My two pieces that were chosen were apart of a series that were themed around Goddesses.  One being called Hestia, with dancer/model Zui Gomez and the other being called Aphrodite, with MUA Jessica Marie.  These two photos are just the tip of the iceberg in this series and when the series is complete, LeVue will be throwing it's very own exhibit and you will not want to miss it. Look out for the invite this summer!


Thanks again to everyone, and thanks Niki! 

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Me, trying not to show my excitement... Keep it cool ☺️ 

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