Low Lights, Bright Colors, Style, Grace, Soiree


Hello Followers, this past Friday I got the privilege to shoot this fantastic fashion show.  Place: Union Square Ballroom.  Name: Soiree on the Runway.  Organizer: the lovely Farra St. Flavin (@dymondzrfaevah___).  I arrived a bit early just to note the space, as I never been there before.  Not a surprise I see everyone getting their final touches done on their faces and hair.  Everyone was looking really nice and classy.

The show itself was fantastic.  At first I was having concerns about the lighting, but then these portable LEDS lit the runway and gave the room a high fashion aura, all eyes went to the center.  As the gorgeous host Sita (@sita_world) introduced the show, I found my spots and began shooting the event.  The female models were lovely, the male models did their thing, the performances kept us entertained and the dances were breath-taking.  At one point the cheers  got so loud I had to cover my ears with my lens and hands at the same time.

Overall it was great, good job by the designers, who displayed their clothing flawlessly.  And having the show itself end with a wedding dress by Le Rever (@lerever) really topped the cake and made it a show to remember.

Great show.  Amazing talent all around.  Find the event photos here.

Featuring designs by: 
A.G. TOKO ( @agtoko)

Le Rêver ( @lerever)

Living the Dream Apparel (@livingthedreamapparel)

Miso ( @_queenmiso )

Model Cocaine Clothing (@modelcocaineclothing)

Shop Taqiyya Monet (@shoptaqiyyamonet)

Music By DJ Dana Lu ( @djdanalu )