Pakistani Wedding I'll Never Forget by Gabriel Johnson

Here I am on Sunday night, dumping images from my last night wedding not far from Hempstead, NY.    Looking back on the images and reliving the rush from approximately 930pm -1130pm.  This beautiful wedding took place and everyone was incredibly excited!  I don't think I've ever been to a wedding of any culture (African, Traditional American, other Indian, Jewish to name some) where it was so much excitement to take a photo with the bride and groom.


After the last signing, it became a great madness! Not a bad madness, like a riot or anything, but like a madness of excitement, and joy. Reminded me  back when I used go to church and someone would get baptized, everyone was overjoyed.  I tried my best to capture as much as I could and I found it so amusing to watch the bride and groom literally did not move as we did step and repeat style photos with every family member.   


We went upstairs and at last, we took a breath! While we were beginning to do the couple shots, I finally was able to see their personalities in full.  They are so fun and the friends are as well.  So many jokes and comments that were hilarious.  It  I could tell these two will be together forever.  And I wish them nothing but the best.  Congrats to beautiful couple Hamid and Hina! 


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Hamid and Hina

Hamid and Hina

'The Goddesses' get featured in Calligaris NY Photo Exhibition by Gabriel Johnson

What a great feeling this was! Just 2.5 years after making LeVue a thing, I get chosen to be amongst 10 photographers in NY .  I felt so honored.  And the 2 photos that were chosen, I love.  My subjects for the photos were super psyched.  We all were just there like kids in a candy store.


Thanks to Calligaris NY, Macallan, and Aura Frames for throwing us such a wonderful event.  The 9 other photographers were great too.  The work ranged from brightly colored street portraits to black and white landscapes to nude bedroom pieces.  900 RSVPs? Unbelievable.


I have been recently focusing my attention to Fine Art Photography and I've been receiving a lot of great feedback.  My two pieces that were chosen were apart of a series that were themed around Goddesses.  One being called Hestia, with dancer/model Zui Gomez and the other being called Aphrodite, with MUA Jessica Marie.  These two photos are just the tip of the iceberg in this series and when the series is complete, LeVue will be throwing it's very own exhibit and you will not want to miss it. Look out for the invite this summer!


Thanks again to everyone, and thanks Niki! 

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Me, trying not to show my excitement... Keep it cool ☺️ 

Angelic Maternity by Gabriel Johnson

Over the past weekend I got back in the studio and shot this marvelous couple Angel and Amanda.  Amanda is 8 months ready and is certainly showing. Coming from Harlem, this couple was ready to go once in the studio, with the help of Amandas friend, Lisa.   

Normally when I do these maternity shoots, I have some of the same routine phrases I say all the time.  These include "how many months are you?" "How long you guys been together?" Etc.  This time, when I seen the third-party come in, I also have a phrase for that as well.  So I asked "how are you? So are you the mom, sister, friends?". FAIL! 

She took offense to me calling her that and made me feel so bad after.  I eventually had to let her borrow my charger to even the score, so it's all good. 


Amanda was so cooperative and positive throughout the shoot and her images came out stunning.  Hope she enjoys and hopefully I'll see them again during the baby shower.


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We're back! by Gabriel Johnson

Hello everyone!  Long time no hear right!? 

Just wanted to update you guys and let you know that LeVue Photography is still up and running and has been more busy than ever.   I'll be updating the new blog, Behind NY, more periodically now, so stay tuned as I shoot, and tell.